We create beautiful graphics,create modern websites,create mobile apps,are 4bits

About Us

We are proudly a Mexican startup that provides various state-of-the-art technological services.

At 4bits, we believe that design should not be sacrificed for functionality, or vice versa; this is why we develop and design apps for mobile devices and web sites with the best quality and functionality, always keeping in mind our clients’ and our customers’ needs.

Our Services

4b is concerned with offering our clients and customers the best web design and development services as well as mobile applications development beased on:


Modern design with high quality


Efficient Websites and Mobile Apps


Websites and Apps easy to navigate and use


Mobile Apps

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Our Team

Victor A. Najar

Carlos Pedraza

Miguel Cabral

Juan Pablo Ramírez

Contact Us

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex.